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Music and choral singing is taught throughout the school. The children in 5th & 6th classes have performed in the Hallelujah concert in the O2 Theatre, Dublin and have participated in Peace Proms.  The school choirs of both Holy Family GNS and BNS perform at Sunday masses in Holy Family Church, Askea and at First Communion and Confirmation ceremonies.  Percussion instruments are introduced in the junior classes, followed by the tin whistle thereafter. Music classes are also available after school hours.  A school band is in existence for any child learning a musical instrument. The band takes part in County Carlow Fleadh each year.  Every year, the Christmas and Easter Stories are presented through mime, movement, music and song.


Music Generation:

This year our school is participating in Music Generation Carlow.

Music Generation Carlow is a new music education service for County Carlow. It is part of Music Generation Ireland – a national music education programme funded by U2 and The Ireland Funds. Its aim is to inspire and enable children from all backgrounds and regions of County Carlow to learn to play musical instruments, sing and make music with others.

In our school, pupils  from  Junior and Senior Infants and from 2nd to 6th class are taking part.

Music teachers comes to the school  to teach recorder to Rooms 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11 and 13 to teach a choral programme to Rooms  14, 15 and 16 and to introduce our Junior and Senior Infant classes to a ‘Music Appreciation’ programme.

The classes are part funded by Music Generation and by our Board of Management.

We are really thrilled to be part of this programme and thank our Board of Management for being so generous to us.